MS SQL Database (MDF) Repair

Facing one or the other below mentioned issues while accessing SQL database:
  • Frequent error messages when trying to open SQL Server.
  • Unable to access any of the tables stored in the SQL database.
  • SQL Server responding late or hangs up at times.
  • None of your queries were executing properly or is giving inconsistence results.
  • DML operations do not execute properly and prompts error messages every time.

Well, if you are dealing will all these then no doubt your SQL database file i.e. (.mdf) file is damaged and need to be repaired. Being the storehouse of crucial user information it is really very agonizing when such files undergo damage or corruption. So, before the conditions become critical, repair the MDF files using SQL Repair Tool and restore back your crucial tables, views, indexes and other important data stored in it.

SQl database recovery

About MS SQL Server Database and MDF File

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft to store and retrieve data requested by other software applications either on the same computer or another computer across the network.

MDF files which got its name from its extension (.mdf) are the primary data files that store the data of the database. Apart from that there are secondary data files with extension (.ndf) that are used to store optional metadata and (.ldf) extensions are used to store log files. It is important to note that (.mdf) is nothing more than a preferred or you can say a recommended notation that does not actually detect the file type of SQL server. So, if you want to create your primary data file to store data with an extension of (.dtn) in the database then you can do that without any issue. So, MDF file is just the conventional file extension nothing more than that.

Reasons behind the corruption of SQL Server’s primary data file

SQL Server performs several critical operations on a regular basis. And very much like other files, these files also have the probability to get corrupt. Some of the common causes behind its corruption are given below:

  • Abrupt shut down of the database when it is opening.
  • Link or network failure while database is open and performing any task.
  • Invalid file header in the database.
  • Occurrence of bad sector in the storage media.
  • Memory shortage or sudden occurrence of memory error.
  • Inaccessibility of partition or drivers.
  • Media corruption or damage.
  • Transactional Deadlock of MS SQL database.
  • Unknown errors like “0x80070218”, “CRC error”, SQL error 5171”, “MS SQL Webadmin error” or similar.
  • Hardware problems or malfunctioning of software.

How to repair corrupt/damaged SQL Server database?

Once your MS SQL server database gets corrupt it is really very difficult to repair it restore data from it. In situations like such the available updated backup is a great help as restoring the backup will help you to get back inaccessible database objects. But in case you don't have the backup file or it has gone corrupt as well then to repair the corrupt database and recover its data third party SQL Repair Tool is the only option left. This powerful tool will effectively scans the damaged database file and repairs it to recover inaccessible objects in MDF and NDF database files. It repair and restores almost every items from the corrupt database including tables, keys, views, stored procedures, triggers, indexes, deleted records and so on. Using this software is really easy and simple that even a novice user can operate it. So, what are you waiting for? Just download SQL Database Repair Tool from below and repair your damaged SQL Server database effectively.

It repair and reconstructs these below mentioned SQL database objects –

  • Tables
  • Views
  • Stored procedures
  • Indexes
  • Primary and Foreign keys
  • Unique keys
  • System information
  • Triggers
  • User defined types
  • Defaults and Checked constrains
  • Partition functions and Partition schemes
  • SQL Server 2008-2012 file stream data types
  • Computed and Sparse columns

Features of SQL Database (MDF) Repair Software

  • Repair Corrupt SQL Server Database – It effectively scans the database thoroughly and repairs all scenarios of database corruption to bring it back to the consistent state.
  • Restores Objects of MDF & NDF Files – It repairs both the primary and secondary data files of SQL Server i.e. MDF and NDF files and restores all its objects.
  • Repair All Database Components – Repair and recovers all the components of SQL database including tables, views, indexes, stored procedures, triggers, rules etc.
  • Resolves Several SQL Database Corruption Errors – This tool also resolves number of corruption issues and errors like clustered index leaf level corruption, schema corruption, consistency corruption and so on.
  • Recovers PAGE & ROW Compressed Data – Repair and recovers SQL tables with PAGE and ROW compression schemas to its original state.
  • Previews Database Objects – Once scanning finishes, it previews all the recoverable data in a tree-like structure and the tables are listed in a sorted manner as well. You can easily select any of the table to see its content that you wish to recover.